Girls Varsity Track & Field · The future of SCA Stars track and field program shines bright at the Divine Child Freshman Sophomore Meet

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St. Catherine of Siena Academy 0th 0

The SCA Freshmen and Sophomores showed their strength at the Divine Child Freshman Sophomore Meet Wednesday night running against 16 Div 1 and 2 teams. Div 3 was represented by us and 2 other teams. There were no overall team scores. Sophomore L. Kueber reset her own long jump school record to 15-0.5 on her final jump! Lily also ran third with a PR of 17.83 in the high hurdles. V. Klawander 1:06.45 ran her PR scoring 3rd place in a very strong field of runners. Showing the versitility of our runners, the 4×100 scored 6th place with our throwers checking out discus to run the event! They then returned to discus with S. Haupt scoring 2nd and G. Smerage scoring 5th. That was fun! The 4×200 relay team of L. Kueber, S. Smith, O. Leonardo, and V. Klawander scored a new fresh/sophomore record of 1:59.51. We are very proud of this outstanding group of athletes. More so because after the very last event, the team gathered together to thank God for his gifts of friendship, the ability to do our very best with the gifts God has given us, and the desire to return next year and continue the fun. This outstanding group of Freshmen sophomore athletes is a strong indicator of SCA’s future in track and field. Awesome for a 4 year program, without a track, running against 20 powerhouse track teams!! Anyone want to donate a track? 🙂
In a final note, the overall season SCA Track and Field Records were reset by the following freshman/sophomores.
4X100 (E. Farkas (11), S. Smith (10), O. Leonardo(9), M. Darby (10)
Shot put B. Smerage (9) 31-8.5
Discus S. Haupt (10) 99-11
Long jump L. Kueber (10)
Running for God’s Glory!

100 Meters Varsity – Finals x
45. 9 Emily Pfaff 16.43aPR Wixom St. Catherine

200 Meters Varsity – Finals x
12. 9 Olivia Leonardo 30.44a Wixom St. Catherine
17. 10 Sophie Smith 31.15aPR Wixom St. Catherine
48. 10 Catie Merlo 36.73a Wixom St. Catherine

400 Meters Varsity – Finals x
5. 9 Veronica Klawender 1:06.45aPR Wixom St. Catherine
36. 10 Catie Merlo 1:33.20a Wixom St. Catherine

800 Meters Varsity – Finals x
17. 9 Evelyn Addison 3:08.99aPR Wixom St. Catherine

100m Hurdles – 33″ Varsity – Finals x
3. 10 Lily Kueber 17.83aPR Wixom St. Catherine
8. 9 Veronica Klawender 19.77a Wixom St. Catherine

300m Hurdles – 30″ Varsity – Finals x
14. 10 Katie Higgins 58.51a Wixom St. Catherine
19. 9 Sarah Romain 1:01.50a Wixom St. Catherine

4×100 Relay Varsity – Finals x
6. Catie Merlo
Sara Haupt
Gabriela Smerage
Evelyn Addison 1:08.73a Wixom St. Catherine

4×200 Relay Varsity – Finals x
4. Veronica Klawender
Sophie Smith
Olivia Leonardo
Lily Kueber 1:59.51a Wixom St. Catherine

4×400 Relay Varsity – Finals x
7. Veronica Klawender
Katie Higgins
Evelyn Addison
Sarah Romain 5:11.56a Wixom St. Catherine

4×800 Relay Varsity – Finals x
5. Evelyn Addison
Katie Higgins
Emily Pfaff
Sarah Romain 12:35.12a Wixom St. Catherine

Shot Put – 4kg Varsity – Finals x
2. 10 Sara Haupt 29-11.00PR Wixom St. Catherine
5. 9 Gabriela Smerage 29-09.25 Wixom St. Catherine

Discus – 1kg Varsity – Finals x
2. 10 Sara Haupt 88-00.00 Wixom St. Catherine
5. 9 Gabriela Smerage 80-10.00 Wixom St. Catherine

High Jump Varsity – Finals x
14. 10 Lily Kueber 4-00.00PR Wixom St. Catherine

Long Jump Varsity – Finals x
1. 10 Lily Kueber 15-00.50PR Wixom St. Catherine
2. 10 Sophie Smith 15.00PR Wixom St. Catherine
11. 9 Sarah Romain 13-02.00 Wixom St. Catherine
17. 9 Olivia Leonardo 12-04.00 Wixom St. Catherine
26. 10 Catie Merlo 11-03.00PR Wixom St. Catherine