Stars News · Field Hockey vs. Dexter

During a beautiful afternoon at St. Catherine our Varsity Field Hockey took on a Class A opponent in Dexter High School Dreadnoughts.  Even though the game got away early with Dexter scoring 7 goals in the first half, we continued to fight and held the Dreadnoughts scoreless in the second half.

The improvement of the team is obvious from a year ago with upperclassmen such as Anna Theeck, Angela Kolis and Emily Awdish taking on a more leadership role. We have also added some talented freshman, Haley Gaines and Erin McDonough among others, who are showing tons of promise. With the addition of Coach McCririe and a full season ahead, I am excited to see where this team can go in the future.

As Coach Green has posted on his board, “progress is measured slowly and gradually. Baby Steps. A good stop here, a good pass there, and soon it will come together. I see progress everyday! Just keep faith and don’t give up! Go Stars!”