Stars News · Fall Weight Training

Starting August 18th, Katie Mulligan will begin strength training workouts on Mondays and Wednesday from 3:30-4:30. If you are interested in attending this session during the fall sports season, the cost is $150 and needs to be payable on the 18th.

Katie is contracted from ATI Physical Therapy and is a certified athletic trainer. She is on site for all of our home contests and some of our away contests and has a wealth of knowledge in all things anatomy. Below is a little information on what to expect during the fall weight training sessions. Contact the Athletic office for more information.


Lifting and Strength Training

Safety for technique

–        First goal is to teach a “stable position”

  • Enables the athlete to maintain proper body alignment during exercise, which in turn places the appropriate stress on the muscle and joints that are being exercised
  • Includes proper body positioning, range of motion and speed of exercise, breathing considerations, spotting techniques when working side by side with other student athletes

–        Learning the proper technique first will aid in the athletes injury prevention



–        After the basics have been taught and applied, the athletes will progress as they are able

  • Each athlete will progress at a different rate which will be taken into account

–        Progression will include but not be limited to increasing weights and repetitions, intensity of sessions, volume of work given to athlete, movement from simple movements to functional movement to sport specific movements.

  • Peroidization of athlete will be respected (what point in the season is the athlete)


Relation to sports

–        Exercises will be made to help aid the student athlete in performance of any given sport.

  • The athletes sport, position, goals in sports will be use to developing the program for the athlete

–        Exercises will be created to give the athlete the best chance on the field of play to the best of their abilities which not only means being physically prepared but mentally as well.


Injury prevention

–        The physical demands of sport are better handled if you’ve prepared your body for the unique movements and physical demands of your particular sport

–        The athlete will be placed into exercises similar to sport situations to aid in the muscles ability to accept the stress demanded of it


Minor training age of athlete

–        Biological age and training age (length of time the athlete has been in resistance training) will be used when working with the student athlete

–        Measures will be taken to strengthen the student athlete in a way that is not harmful for their growth, development, ands maturation

–        With resistance training for minor athletes quality of instruction and rate of progression are two important areas of concern

–        Working with the female athletic population will also be taken into consideration. Proper development of upper body strength and prevention of sport-related injuries prone to females


Nutrition and training

–        Proper nutrition is important for athletes who seek to maximize their performance

–        An adequate diet allows athletes to train and compete to the best of their abilities

–        Will include but not be limited to

  • Pre and post training meals
  • Hydration