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SCA Families,

Fall sports tryouts are fast approaching, which means we are running out of time for you to turn in all the required documents. If these documents are not on file by August 13th (for Fall sports) your athlete will not be able to tryout. Below is the excerpt from our Handbook regarding forms needed to participate:

7. Information Needed Before Season Starts 

  • Physical Examination – The M.D., D.O., Physician’s Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner who administers the physical examination must sign this form. SCA will comply with all MHSAA interpretations of section 3
  • Emergency Notification Form – Completed and signed by parent
  • Assumption of Risk/Proof of Insurance – Completed and signed by parent. Copy of policy is required.
  • Athletic Handbook Parent and Athlete Agreement Form – Signed by parent and athlete
  • Concussion Acknowledgement from – Signed by Parent and Athlete

If you are registered with the school you most likely have the “Emergency Notification Form,” but all the other forms are annual (Physical, Emergency, Handbook, Concussion) or seasonal (Assumption of Risk).